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Welcome to Midnight City. 

We have created the city that we have all dreamed about since we were children. Even those with a love and passion for a time they are too young to remember...


The city we saw on our movie posters and in our arcades; that neon city shining brightly down a neon-grid road through a dark and deserted highway. A city of the future we longed for, where our dreams could come true underneath the neon moon in an endless summer of a never-ending party!

A place of true equality. A place of hope. A place that strips away corporate advertising and influence. A place that "evens the playing field" for ALL artists, offering equal opportunity to everyone! YOU are the talent, we are the place where you belong!

Together, we will continue to populate this city. Together, we will cross-promote one another. Together, we will grow! 

Welcome back to the future that was stolen from us all. 

Welcome home. 

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