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About Us

At Midnight City Online, we're more than just an online platform – we're a creative haven where independent artists and fans come together to celebrate the magic of art, music, and film.

We are a passionate team of artists, dreamers, and innovators who understand the struggles and aspirations of independent creators. With a deep appreciation for the diverse world of independent artistry, we set out to create a space where talent shines bright, unhindered by the limitations of mainstream gatekeepers.

City Lights

Synthwave (And Related)

For independent musicians, we offer a stage to showcase your music. Submit your tracks, and they'll become available for digital purchase in our Music Store. But we don't stop there – digital artists will transform your music into stunning music videos, generating ad revenue every time they're viewed. We even provide a chance for your music to become part of independent films and series. Your music can reach a global audience, all while you retain 100% rights to your original content.


Filmmakers, you're in for a treat. Submit your films for consideration, and if selected, you'll choose from submitted tracks to create a unique soundtrack. Your film will be edited to feature the chosen music, and it will generate ad revenue every time it's watched on our platform. Even if your film already has a soundtrack, you'll still have the chance to choose tracks for a new edit, amplifying your audience and revenue.

Retro Digital Artists

Digital artists, your creations are the heart and soul of our platform. Submit your poster art, cover art, canvas art, and videos, and they'll be used in numerous ways. Every time your art is featured and seen by our users, it generates ad revenue. We understand the importance of compensating your hard work and ensuring your talent gets the recognition it deserves.

For Fans

For fans, Midnight City Online is your window into a world of exceptional independent content. You'll discover a treasure trove of music, films, and artwork that transcends the boundaries of mainstream entertainment. Your support helps these talented creators thrive and continue sharing their work.

Aerial Photo of a City

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a community where independent artists, musicians, filmmakers, and digital artists can thrive alongside iconic content from the past. We believe that creativity knows no boundaries, and every artist deserves a chance to shine.

Midnight City Online is the intersection of independent meets iconic. We invite you to join our creative journey, discover exceptional talent, and be part of a platform that celebrates the boundless world of independent artistry.

Thanks for submitting!

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