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Calling all filmmakers and creators!  Want your work showcased on a global platform? Look no further than Midnight City Online!

Submit your masterpiece with a private link for our review. If your film or series gets accepted, you'll be in the spotlight.


You'll have the opportunity to choose 12 tracks from submitted music for your soundtrack, and one poster art piece.


Your film will generate ad revenue every time it's watched on our platform. So, the more it's seen, the more you earn. The film/show will also be available for digital purchase, giving you more opportunities to earn with Midnight City Online. 


You keep 100% of the rights to your original content. Upload your film to other platforms as you see fit.


The Benefits:


Your film reaches a global audience, and you get to share your work with independent artists and fans who appreciate your talent.


 Midnight City Online's platform offers revenue opportunities beyond traditional distribution methods.


Collaborate with talented independent musicians and digital artists to enhance the artistic appeal of your film.


Ready to share your vision with the world? Submit today!

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Independen Promoton Submission


Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting!

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