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 Are you ready to be part of the ultimate summer soundtrack? Midnight City Online invites you to submit your hottest tracks for consideration in our upcoming Hot Summer Nights Compilation! 🌟


**How to Enter:**
Artists, this is your chance to shine! Submit two of your best summer-infused tracks directly to with the subject line "Comp Contest." We welcome previously released tracks from other platforms, as long as you have full rights to your content.


**Free Mastering for Selected Tracks:**
Worried about mastering? Don't be! If your track makes the cut, Midnight City Online will handle the mastering process at no cost to you. We believe in the potential of your music, and we want it to sound its absolute best.


**Submission Deadline:**
The competition kicks off now and runs until April 5th, 2024. Don't miss this opportunity to have your music featured on a compilation that will define the summer vibes of the year!


**Winning Tracks and Exclusive Sale:**
Out of the submissions, nine standout tracks will be selected, and the winners will be notified. The final Hot Summer Nights Compilation will be exclusively available for sale on Midnight City Online. Here's the best part – artists will receive royalties for every sale, ensuring that your talent is not just recognized but also rewarded!


**No Strings Attached:**
Midnight City Online understands the value of your artistry. Rest assured, artists retain 100% rights to their original content. There are no hurdles to jump through – start earning immediately!


Don't miss your chance to be part of the Hot Summer Nights Compilation – submit your tracks now, and let your music become the anthem of summer memories for fans worldwide! 🎶



Submit your link to any track, E.P, album, playlist, blog, website, podcast, store or video along with a link to any social media account or link-tree of your choice!


We will create and place your ad in our Independent Artist section for the world to see!


By providing links, Midnight City Online helps to redirect our audience back to you!


We will also blast your ad across our social media pages, sharing with multiple groups and networks; helping to get you even more exposure!


​Submit as much as you'd like! Submit anytime! Midnight City Online is open to ALL artists of every genre and sub-genres of Synthwave, Retrowave, Outrun, Dark Synth, etc. 


​Record labels and producers are also encouraged to submit for their upcoming artist releases!


Send us your incredible tracks, and we'll make sure they're available for digital purchase in our Music Store. You decide the price for your content, and guess what? You'll receive a whopping 90% from every sale.


Your music doesn't just stop at being available for purchase. Our digital artists will turn your tracks into captivating music videos. These videos will shine on our upcoming video streaming platform, generating ad revenue for you.


We understand the importance of retaining creative control. You'll keep 100% of the rights to your original content, and we actively encourage you to upload your music to other platforms you prefer.


This is your time to make your music accessible to the world while maintaining your artistic independence. Welcome to Midnight City Online


Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting!

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