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Casual Fridays with Dan

Casual Fridays with Dan is a weekly radio show and podcast by the President of RetroSynth Records and founding member of the band Neutron Dreams, Dan Eachus.  This 2-3 hour long live broadcast features some of the best offerings in Synthwave and Electronic music today, but also gives room for new music submissions, music talk, interviews, RetroSynth showcase songs, label announcements and of course the fan favorite, The Vinyl Cut.  The Vinyl Cut is a special section of the show in which Dan plays a selection of vinyl records on the show.  They can range from one song to an entire side of an album.  It is a great way to showcase the glory of vinyl, while at the same time promoting the artist featured on the vinyl, and if still available, help to sell the vinyl record itself.  Casual Fridays with Dan is quickly rising to become one of the most popular Synthwave radio shows out there.


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