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  • Synthwave | Midnight City Online

    Play Video Play Video 02:09 Play Video Play Video 03:14 Play Video Play Video 29:00 Play Video Play Video 01:15:38 Play Video Play Video 38:38 Play Video Play Video 46:07 Play Video Play Video 36:19 Play Video Play Video 31:28 Welcome to Midnight City Online Midnight City Online is a social media promotional platform, focused on Synthwave / Retrowave / Cyberpunk music and aesthetics. These genres are a celebration of the past, a nod to the present, and the vision for a future that is yet to be written. Our aim is to provide a platform for independent artists to share their work with a wider audience, and to create a community where Synth fans can come together to share their love for this amazing scene. We believe that music is more than just waveforms, pulsing through our eardrums; it's a lifestyle, and a part of our identity. Escape with us. Submit for Future Playlists! Want to have your track(s) featured on upcoming playlists? Submit now to have your content added to our Spotify and YouTube playlists today! First Name Last Name Email Spotify YouTube Send Thanks for submitting!

  • Independent Artists | Midnight City Online

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