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  • Independent Showcase | Midnight City Online

    1000 Journeys to Another Universe Neon Jungle Discover More Ocean of Sound Zero Gravity (EP) Discover More 1000 Journeys to Another Universe Digitized Shadows Discover More Synthbart 81 Space Flight Discover More 1000 Journeys to Another Universe Purple Sunset Discover More Synthbart 81 Lone Warrior Discover More Lyst Santa Cruz Discover More Synthbart 81 F-ZERO Discover More Load More

  • Music | Midnight City Online

    Music Store Step into a digital wonderland of pulsating nostalgia as we present an extensive collection of electrifying tracks crafted by the most talented synthwave musicians around. From iconic classics to fresh releases, this store is your gateway to an immersive synthwave experience. Discover your new favorite artist, explore hidden gems, and fill your playlist with captivating tunes that transport you to neon-lit dimensions. Don't miss out on owning these sonic masterpieces. Coming Soon Independent Showcase Step into a neon-soaked world of nostalgia and futuristic beats at our exclusive Independent Showcase! Immerse yourself in a sonic journey as we bring together a diverse lineup of talented independent musicians, each presenting their latest masterpieces – from full-length albums and EPs to electrifying tracks and mind-bending visuals. Don't miss this chance to discover the pulsating rhythms of synthwave and support the underground scene. Join us now and let the retro-futuristic sounds captivate your senses. Discover

  • Digital Artists | Midnight City Online

    Digital Art Submissions Hello, digital artists! We're stoked to have your creative talents on board at Midnight City Online. Here's how we can create magic together: Endless Submissions: You have the creative freedom to submit as much as you want. From background images to animations, captivating visual loops, and more, your imagination knows no bounds. Art in Music Videos: We'll be using your incredible work in our Music Videos. These videos will be available on our future video streaming platform. Here's the exciting part – every time your art is featured in a Music Video, you'll start receiving royalties and ad-generated revenue. Cover Art in the Music Store: But that's not all! Your cover art will grace individual tracks in our Music Store. So, whenever someone makes a purchase, you'll earn royalties. Your creativity will be celebrated, and your wallet will thank you! Art in Series and Films: Your art is more versatile than ever. It will also find its way into series and films on our platform. Here too, you'll receive royalties and a share of ad revenue each time your art is seen. Stay Retro: Remember, all content should have a retro (or retrofuturistic) theme. This aligns with the overall vibe of Midnight City Online and complements the synthwave and related musicians that adorn our platform. Your creativity, your style, and your artistry are the building blocks of our vibrant community. At Midnight City Online, we're all about artists supporting artists. Your retro-infused creations are set to light up our platform, and we can't wait to see the magic you bring to life! Read More Independen Promoton Submission Digital Art Submissions Please take a moment to fill out the form. Full Name Email Title of Content Upload File Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Description of Content / Synopisis Submit Thanks for submitting!

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