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Midnight City is proud to present The Art of Killing Soundtrack Contest!

One winner will be selected by the director of the film on October 1st, 2022. Winner will have their track listed on the official soundtrack, as well as a DVD (or Blu-ray) a signed theatrical poster and hoodie from the production company!


TV personality Leland Moss hosts "Painting with Friends." Behind his sparkling personality are some very dark secrets and when a family of devout fans wins a contest to meet their beloved icon, they may get more than they bargained for. They just may find that his first stroke will be their last. From the team that brought you Hillbilly Bloodbath, Kill, Granny, Kill! and award-winning film, "Stash" brings you "The Art of Killing."


Artists are asked to submit no more than two (2) tracks for consideration. Submission's deadline is October 1st, 2022. The directors and producers of the film will screen all submissions and will contact the winner as decisions are made.



To submit, simply click on Submissions in our menu, fill out all required information, provide a link to the track you're submitting for consideration, select AOK Soundtrack Contest for Submission Type and click Submit.  

Good luck to everyone!

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