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Immerse yourself in curated playlists featuring iconic videos and music from the decade, connect with fellow enthusiasts in our community forum, and explore our 80s store for retro-inspired merchandise. Join us as we celebrate the music, culture, and spirit of the 80s together!

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Explore our extensive collection of curated playlists featuring iconic music and videos from this dynamic era. Connect with fellow enthusiasts in our lively community forum, where nostalgia reigns supreme. And don't forget to check out our specialized store for exclusive 90s-themed merchandise. Join us as we rediscover the magic of the 90s!

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Dive into electrifying music playlists, mesmerizing videos, and our Independent Showcase, where emerging talents shine. Engage with like-minded fans in our forum and experience a curated collection of synthwave content that pays homage to the spirit of the 80s and 90s. Explore a realm of entertainment from a future that never came to be. 

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Artist of the Month

Each month, we shine a light on a talented artist from our community, showcasing their unique style and creativity. Discover new music, explore exciting collaborations, and celebrate the diverse talent within Midnight City Online.

Compilation Corner

Immerse yourself in carefully crafted compilations showcasing synthwave indie artists. Stay tuned for themed releases and limited-edition compilations. Musicians can continue submitting their tracks for future albums, ensuring a continuous flow of fresh and exciting music experiences.


Shout-Outs & Events

Stay in the loop with upcoming '80s, '90s, and Synthwave events worldwide. Tune in to exclusive shout-outs for synthwave and nostalgia-themed radio shows, podcasts, groups, labels, and more, all aligned with Midnight City's vibrant community. 

Independent Showcase

Explore the Independent Showcase, dedicated to showcasing the talents of independent synthwave musicians. Immerse yourself in a world of original beats, captivating melodies, and cutting-edge creativity from emerging artists in the synthwave, and related, genre.

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